The Soul Savers Series

An epic fantasy tale of good versus evil, the Soul Savers Series brings everything you love about the paranormal genre with the author's own twists and unique mythology. Follow the story of Alexis Ames as she discovers true love, learns about her heritage and what her future holds and begins to take on her life's purpose. With a total of seven full-length novels along with companion novellas and stories, Kristie Cook plans to keep you on the edge of your seat for some time to come.


Meet the Characters (Coming Soon!) - Insight into the characters, including Alexis, Tristan, Owen, Sophia, Rina, Dorian and more. Check back often - new information is added as the series progresses.


Picture Gallery (Coming Soon!) - The Soul Savers Series world comes to life with these fun pictures.


Amadis Family Vine (Coming Soon!) - What does Alexis see on the family vine at the end of Purpose? Who are all these people brought up from the past? See for yourself.


Mythology & Glossary (Coming Soon!) - Learn more about Kristie Cook's world and mythology, including her take on vampires, mages (sorcerers/sorceresses, warlocks, wizards, witches, shaman, etc.), were-creatures, faeries and more, as well as the creatures she invented herself.